Tired of throwing money at each
“must-do” internet marketing technology
and waiting for something to work?

A few years ago, a website and a newsletter were the cutting edge of internet marketing. Now, it seems like every week a new “must-do” internet marketing technology comes along that promises to show you how to “Make Money in Your Sleep!” Real business owners know the “make money in your sleep” model is baloney. The only ones making money in their sleep are the hucksters selling it.

On the other hand, there are companies and industry experts who seem to effortlessly build a following of thousands of people who read their blog, sign up for their newsletter, follow them on Twitter, buy their info products and feel lucky when they get the opportunity to pay top dollar to work with them.

However, the vast majority of companies trying to break the internet marketing code are spending way more money on internet marketing than they’re actually making from it. They have a blog. They have a newsletter. They “Tweet”. But only a handful of people buy their info products and even fewer contact them about their services. So what are the successful companies doing that the rest aren’t?

The difference between success and failure is an
internet marketing strategy and plan.

Companies and experts who have cracked the internet marketing code start with an internet marketing strategy, create a plan around that strategy and then implement action items in a logical order.

“You have to have a strategy and a plan” might not be what you want to hear but look at it this way:

Say you have a job interview at 2:00. At 1:00, you get in your car and start driving around town hoping to find the right office building. At 2:00 when you’re still looking for the address, you say to yourself “Gee. Why didn’t I get there on time? I have a really nice car? Maybe I need a new car. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll get a new car and then I’ll be on time for the next interview.”

Sounds ludicrous, right? It is! But that’s the exact approach the vast majority of businesses take to internet marketing. They put all their attention and resources on the technology—the method of delivery— and it never occurs to them that they might need a map. What’s even crazier, is that many times when you tell them “You’re going to need a map to get there,” they blow it off because they don’t have time to create a map. They’re too busy “driving” to stop long enough to figure out how to get there.

Their ignorance is your opportunity.

For businesses serious about turning the internet into a source of revenue, this is a great opportunity. While the competition is driving around aimlessly, you can use your time and money productively, build your business and reach your goals. Then you’ll be one of those companies or experts that make others scratch their head and wonder “How did they do that?”

Where to go from here.

I’m Elgé Premeau, the eMarketing Strategist. I and my team of internet marketing consultants will work with you to figure out where your target markets hang out online, craft a compelling message that makes them say “Oh! I want that!” and send your message out via the technologies your customer actually use.

Visit the Internet Marketing Consulting page to learn more about our simple internet marketing strategy and planning process.

If you’re ready to learn more about how we can help your company make money online, contact us today for a free internet marketing assessment.

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