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How to View a Web Page’s Source Code

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Internet marketing touches on topics far and wide.  Many of those topics require a simple explanation.  Often, I’ve found myself saying “I should write down those directions.”

Source code is a valuable source of information in competition research. This quick guide shows you how to view the source code of a web page. How to view source code is the one topic that comes up over and over again. So I finally got a clue and created easy to follow directions for finding source code. (Jeez! Only took 2 years!)

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Free Blogging eBooks

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Blog Traffic Made Easy

Great for: Getting started in blogging especially if you plan to set up a WordPress blog

This is one lean, mean ebook! Excuse me, “article.” The author, John Robinson doesn’t like the word “ebook.” In 22 pages he touches on the essential WordPress plugins you will need, explains all the lingo and good ideas for driving traffic to your blog. John’s personal trick for driving traffic is a great idea I never would have thought of on my own.

Blog Profits Blue Print


Great for: People who want to make money blogging (and the rest of us)
This 54 page ebook focuses on how to make money by writing and promoting your blog. Blogging as a source of income is a pretty lofty goal but there is still plenty of good advice for the blogger looking to build and existing business.

Killer Flagship Content

Great for: Understanding how to write content people want and remember

Who’s tired of hearing “…and then you write great content and wait for the money to roll in”? Meee! Writing content people remember, save, share and link to is hard work most internet marketers brush over on their path to promising riches.  It’s also the KEY to getting clients online. The information in this ebook transcends blogging and applies to overall marketing strategy. Read it. Internalize it. Do it!

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