eMarketing Strategist partners with a
variety of companies including…

Web Designers

Get that copy written!

Clients love the website design process until you say “Okay. Now you need to give me the copy.” Then, you don’t hear from them for weeks. In my experience, clients want to get the copy written but they just don’t know how to do it. That’s where we can help. At the eMarketing Strategist we have developed an interview process that gets the content out of the client’s head, onto paper and then into website copy designed to sell. Our process will help you get websites done faster and make sure the client loves it.

“You’re asking me why your website isn’t on the first page of Google?”

Clients don’t understand that web design and internet marketing are two very different job descriptions.  Since you’re “the web person” they assume you must know all about search engine optimization, newsletters and social networking.  eMarketing Strategist partners with a number of web and graphic designers to provide a complete spectrum of web services.  We can work through your company or directly with the end client—what ever works for you.

Copywriters & Journalists

Copy makes the internet go ‘round and good copywriters are worth their weight in gold. Their clients see them as a trusted resource so copywriters often get asked questions like “Should I have a blog?” or “How do I set up a newsletter?” The eMarketing Strategist understands that while you can write great copy you might not understand the technology of the web. We will consult with you and your clients to select the right technology for their business which, of course, will require good copywriting for years to come.

Business, Marketing & Public Relations Consultants

The ability to say “I know who can answer that question.” is one of the things that makes a coach or consultant worth top dollar. eMarketing Strategist works with several business consultants to help them recommend appropriate internet marketing technologies to their clients. We can also set them up, get them working and train internal staff to handle the day to day maintenance.

Looking for work?

The eMarketing Strategist is always looking for enthusiastic, life-long learners with experience
in the following areas:

  • Virtual assistants with experience in website maintenance, social networking and/or search engine optimization.
  • Copywriters with a variety of skill levels including website copywriters, SEO article writers, blog writers, editors and proofreaders.
  • Web Programmers who know CSS, WordPress, database design, podcasting, video and anything else we should know about but aren’t geeky enough to know yet.

Let’s Talk!

If you think we can work together—or just think we ought to get acquainted—give me a call or shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

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    Elgé Premeau is a wonderful person to work with. First, she has the patience of Job. Second, she is a nice person who makes you feel comfortable to interact with. Third, she will work together with you, to make sure that your tastes and opinions are taken into account. Last but not least, she is talented and she's dedicated to excellence. Not a bad combination, that!

    Media Mavens, President
    Worldlink Media Consultants, Inc.

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