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The eMarketing Strategist has written, formatted and sent hundreds of eNewsletters to thousands of recipients since 2001. They don’t teach this stuff in school and there are many common mistakes people new to eNewsletters make. Don’t waste your time and all your hard work! Make sure your eNewsletter is working for you, not against you. The following is a list of some of the eMarketing Strategist’s eNewsletter clients.

Maverick Institute

I wish I could take credit for the writing for “The Mav” newsletter but I can’t. Todd Hudson and Tamara Greenleaf don’t need my help. What they did need my help with was creating a newsletter template based on the Maverick Institute website and formatting articles, events and other information in a way that put the good stuff “above the fold.”
Stampede! (March, 2009)
Stampede! (February, 2009)

Dream Flight Productions

Patti Teel, dubbed “The Sleep Lady” by People magazine, is not only a good singer, she’s a good writer. So for her newsletter, we put the spotlight on her powerful words and monthly sleep tips. To help improve her visibility on the internet and drive traffic to her site, we regularly submit her articles to the eMarketing Strategist’s custom built list of article marketing websites.
Beyond New Year’s Resolutions (February, 2009)
(The eMarketing Strategist did all the Dream Maker newsletters you can find here.)

Link Resource Group

Tim Link, the principal coach of Link Resource Group wanted a newsletter that was compelling to both existing clients and potential clients. He also wanted a newsletter with unique content. Tim’s a very busy guy so he needed the eMarketing Strategist to do the majority of the writing allowing him to minimize his time involvement and maximize his input on content and final editing. Since research is time consuming, we developed a system that enabled us to use the same source material over three issues and build reader interest in the subject.
Fierce Conversations, Part I
Fierce Conversations, Part II
Fierce Conversations, Part III

European Discovery

Since European Discovery specializes in boutique tours of Europe, they needed a newsletter that evoked a mini-vacation from everyday life. We decided to use a lot of graphics —most of the images used were taken while on European Discovery trips— and include tips the average tourist would need to read through piles of travel magazines to discover.
European Discovery Newsletter, April, 2006

In Search of Eagles

Bill Shirley, owner of In Search of Eagles, is a brilliant guy. His thoughts fly around at a thousand miles an hour. Our main challenge was to grab his thoughts out of the ether and turn them into accessible eNewsletter articles. Bill is also the kind of person who expects maximum capability for anything that has his name on it. We created an eNewsletter sign up process and website registration process that tracks downloads so Bill has specific information on user habits when he follows up with prospects.
Evolving at the Velocity of Change, February, 2006

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