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Getting  customers from the internet is complicated because there are a lot of moving parts.  There’s infrastructure including websites, newsletters, blogs and social networks. There is  content including website copy, articles, white papers and info products. Then there’s marketing tactics such as search engine optimization, online press releases, guest blogging and article marketing.  The seemingly endless possible combinations  make it very difficult to figure out which are the best tactics and strategies for your business.

That’s why the eMarketing Strategist starts every new client relationship with a free internet marketing assessment.  The following is a review of what you get in your free internet marketing assessment and directions for how you can  get your own. Regardless of whether you work with us, work with another internet marketing firm or decide to do nothing, you will leave the experience with a solid idea of what it’s going to take to turn the internet into a source of revenue.


Business Analysis

There is no “one size fits all” internet marketing solution.  Selecting the right infrastructure, content and marketing tactics depends to a large degree on who you are and who you work with.  That’s why we start the internet marketing assessment process by asking:

  • What services and products do you sell?
  • What pays the bills now?
  • What would you like to be paying the bills in 5 years?
  • Who is your ideal customer now?
  • Who would you like to be working in the future?

Website  Assessment

Your website is the hub of all your internet marketing efforts. If it’s not doing its job, all your other internet marketing efforts become ineffective. Whether or not your website brings you customers depends on several factors. The three main questions your free internet marketing assessment will answer include:

  • Is my website designed well?
  • Is my website copy compelling to customers?
  • Is my website likely to capture leads?

Rank-ability Assessment (SEO Assessment)

Are your only website visitors people who already know you? If so, your website isn’t working for you. New prospects need to be able to find it when they use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. In the Rank-ability portion of your free internet marketing assessment, you give us up to 6 search terms you think your customers use to find you and we tell you:

  • How well your website ranks for your search terms
  • What websites outrank your site
  • What the top ranking sites are doing to be there

Social Networking Assessment

Why wait for customers to find you? When used properly, social networking enables you to get in front of prospects who aren’t searching for you but need what you have to offer.  In the social networking portion of the free internet marketing assessment, eMarketing Strategist evaluates your current social networking efforts and makes suggestions for  ways you can increase your reach online.


  1. Fill out the form below. We know you’re busy and don’t have time to write down the answers to a bunch of complicated questions so we ask for the least information necessary.
  2. Once we receive your data, we will send you a PDF document with the complex questions so you can think about them before we talk.
  3. eMarketing Strategist analyzes your website, how well it ranks and your social networking efforts.
  4. We schedule a time to discuss the results and suggestions.
  5. eMarketing Strategist provides you a written report of your internet marketing assessment.


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