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What Are Meta Tags and How Do They Work?

Meta tags are one of the things search engines look at when trying to figure out what to rank a web page for. While there are dozens of types of meta tags, 2 are important for your rankings and getting visitors to your website.

How to Use Google Alerts to Automate Internet Research

Google Alerts is a great tool for automating internet research and knowing
who’s talking about your company online. This article will show you how to
use Google Alerts to your advantage.

eNewsletter Basics: What’s Your Best Option?

Having an eNewsletter (aka electronic newsletter) is an excellent way to stay in touch with
clients and build relationships with prospects. This article discusses the 3 main types of eNewsletters
and the pros and cons of each.

How to Blog without Having a Blog

Blogging is hard work so why not tap into the audience of other bloggers? This article shows
you how to figure out where your target markets are hanging out on the internet and how to
appropriately participate in the conversation.

How to Make Your Website Copy Memorable

The hardest part of writing website copy is figuring out how to make it memorable and stand
out from the competition. Instead of focusing on what you do, you need to focus on your customer’s
problems, the solution you provide and the results you get. This article show syou how to make that shift.

Keeping Track of Research with Social Bookmarking

For those of you using Internet Explorer (IE) to browse the internet, you probably know to click on
“Favorites” to book mark a link. You’ve probably also learned the hard way that your bookmarks “live”
on your computer. You can’t access them from any other computer and you can’t share or easily organize
them. This article shows you how to use social bookmarking websites to you can keep track of your
research and access your bookmarks anywhere you’ve got an internet connection.

Should I Have a Newsletter or a Blog?

Both blogs and enewsletter have advantages and draw backs. Before you jump on the blog bandwagon,
here are something to consider when deciding between the two.

Social Networking: How to Stop Wasting Your Time!

With new social networking sites coming online every day, the problem isn’t “Should I or shouldn’t
I?” but “Which ones should I use and how do I get the most out of them?”This article shows you how
to stop wasting time and start make social networking work.

Why Doesn’t eMarketing Work?

With so many ways to market your business online why is it that nothing seems to work? You’re
probably making one of the three false assumptions, falling for false promises and not paying
enough attention to the most important aspect.

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