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The most common internet marketing mistake is to assume there is a one-to-one relationship between ranking well and getting clients. The logic goes “If my website is at the top of the Google search results, people will flock to my site and call me!” Getting clients from the internet does not work that way.

“Search engine optimization will get people to your front door.
But if you don’t answer the door when they knock,
you’ve wasted your money.”

Internet marketing answers the door. But, internet marketing is WAY more than just search engine optimization.  Real internet marketing encompasses the whole sales cycle – not just getting in front of prospects. It creates a seamless system and cohesive message that gets your business in front of the right people.  It takes them from a cold prospect all the way through the sales cycle to a paying customer.

For your business to succeed online, you need an internet marketing consultant who knows a whole lot more than web design and search engine optimization. At the eMarketing Strategist we take you through a 3 step process that will make the internet an ongoing source of income instead of just an expense.

3 Step Internet Marketing Success Process

#1 Get the Lay of the Land

For internet marketing to work, you have to start by answering several questions that will determine whether you’re going for a walk in the park or climbing Mt. Everest.

  • Who are my target markets and what are they looking for?
  • Where do my target markets “hang out” online?
  • What key phrases should I target?
  • What are my online competitors doing to get clients?

#2 Create a Solid Foundation of Quality Content

Once you’re clear about who you’re talking to and what it’s going to take to get in front of them, the next step is to build your infrastructure.

  • Make sure your website is search engine friendly and compelling to website visitors
  • Set up systems, such as a newsletter or blog, that make it easy for your prospects to learn more about your company
  • Develop marketing material such as white papers, eReports and info products that demonstrate expertise, attract social media links and build your mailing list

#3 Build Relationships Online

Social networking works but not the way you think it does.  If your approach is “Are you my client? Are you my client?” you will be sorely disappointed. But, if you take the time to figure out

  1. which experts your target markets pay attention to
  2. which individuals and companies are logical networking partners
  3. which social networking and social media sites these groups actually use

You will build relationships with referring partners, industry experts and ultimately new clients.

When you follow this 3 step process your website naturally ranks better!  Wouldn’t you rather put your time and money toward getting more clients instead of just improving your rankings?

The eMarketing Strategist is a different kind of internet marketing consultant.  We never lose sight of the fact that your primary objective is to get clients and grow your business. We understand that you expect your marketing investment to more than pay for itself.  That’s why our internet marketing consulting starts by asking you a lot of questions. We then take that information and create a customized and comprehensive internet marketing plan.

Your internet marketing plan will now serve as a touchstone that enables you to know exactly what you need to do next and quickly determine whether the latest “must do” technology is right for your business.  Call today to learn more about our introductory internet marketing assessment.

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