Internet Marketing Training

Whether you have questions about the latest internet marketing strategy or want your staff to learn the skills necessary to manage daily operations of your internet marketing campaign in house, the eMarketing Strategist can help.

We will give you the most up to date practical information explained without hype.  We translate technical topics into plain English because we understand that many smart people don’t consider themselves all that tech savvy.  We also provide handouts so you can remember how to do what we showed you.

Internet Marketing Teleclasses

You have questions about internet marketing and we love to answer them! Our teleclasses are packed with good information you can start using today.  The following internet marketing topics are designed to be presented as 60 to 90 minute teleclasses with a question and answer session but they can be adapted into webinars, half day seminars and speeches.

You are welcome select from the following internet marketing training topics or request your own custom topic.

  • Taming Social Networking & Media: How to Keep Track of It All and Still Get Your Job Done
    Sort through the hype, figure out what social networking sites you need to be on and how to add social media into your busy schedule.
  • How to Select the Right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company
    There are a lot of over-priced under-performing search marketing firms out there. We’ll show you how to pick one that will get the job done.
  • Search Engine Optimization 101
    Search engine optimization is not as hard as you think. But, rankings that continue to improve come from consistent effort over time. We’ll show you what you can do in-house to improve your website’s rankings.
  • Getting the Most out of Your Content
    Whether it’s for your website, an article, a press release, or your blog, writing good copy is hard work! We’ll show you how to get maximum mileage out of your copy writing efforts.

Internet Marketing Skill Building

You don’t work out once and expect to have rock hard abs for the rest of year. Internet marketing works the same way.  Real success comes from doing several things on a regular basis. Once the infrastructure is set up, many aspects of internet marketing can be handled in house. It just takes a little training.

The eMarketing Strategist can show you or your staff how to:

  • Format and send your own newsletter
  • Add or change pages on your website
  • Write and distribute your own SEO articles
  • Update the meta tags on your website
  • Automate the research process so you can create quality content on a regular basis

The eMarketing Strategist will identify what skills your staff needs to learn so you can manage internet marketing tasks in house.  We will then assess your current skill level and learning style and design a training session or program that fits your needs.  We then do the training and give you documentation so you can remember how to do it next time.

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