Key Phrase Research

Key Phrase Research:
The Key to Getting Customers from Your Website

If your customers can’t find your website, it’s probably  because you’re not using the key phrases they’re searching on.  Your key phrases need to be all over your website. They need to be:

  • in your meta tags,
  • in your site navigation,
  • in your page copy,
  • in your blog posts,
  • in your promotional articles,
  • and in links from other websites to your website.

Far too often key phrase research is an afterthought.  Business owners don’t think about it until they launch their website and they realize no one can find it. Even if you think you know what key phrases your customers use, chances are very good that you’re missing hundreds of potential key phrases you that would dramatically increase traffic to your website.

Since ranking for key phrases your customers actually use dramatically increases traffic to your website AND your key phrases need to be used all over your website to rank for them, wouldn’t you rather be sure which key phrases your customers use before you do all that work?

The Key Phrase Research Report

Sure. There are free “How to Do Key Phrase Research” tutorials on the internet. But they’re useless for real key phrase research. The free tutorials describe a process that takes hundreds of hours to do thoroughly. They also don’t tell you where to use your key phrases to actually increase your rankings and  website traffic.

At the eMarketing Strategist, we use an automated software program not widely available to the general public that gives you a comprehensive list of potential key phrases and amazing data the free programs don’t give you. The core of your Key Phrase Report is an Excel spreadsheet (We can turn it into a PDF if you don’t have Excel.) with a list of key phrases unique to your business and columns of data.

Your Key Phrase Report Answers Questions Like:

  • How many times a day is each key phrase is searched on?
  • How much traffic can I expect if my site ranks #1 for a specific key phrase?
  • How easy or difficult it will be to rank for a specific key phrase?
  • Out of thousands of potential key phrases which ones should I use?

Your Custom Key Phrase Report Includes

While data is nice, it’s not very helpful if you don’t know what to do with it.  That’s why the Key Phrase report is written so you know  EXACTLY what you need to do with the data in it.

  1. Comprehensive List of Key Phrases – So if you find yourself asking “I wonder if I should target this key phrase?” you can answer that question.
  2. Key Phrase Cheat Sheet – A list of a dozen or so key phrases you should use the most.
  3. Report Key – An explanation of what each of the columns mean and how to use that data to make smart key phrase decisions.
  4. Custom Key Phrase To Do List – Based on your business and your website, you’ll know exactly where to put your key phrases to maximize your rankings.
  5. Baseline Rank Report – Where your website ranks now for your key phrases so once you’ve implemented your To Do List, you can see how well it worked.
  6. Follow Up Rank Report – Let us know when you’ve made your changes and 30 days afterwards we’ll give you another rank report so you can see how much your website’s rankings improved.
  7. Debrief Conversation – You get 30 minutes with the eMarketing Strategist to ask any questions and get more details on what to do next.

Depending how many products or services your company sells, most Search engine optimization consultants would charge you $800 – $2500 for key phrase research.  At the eMarketing Strategist, we understand most small businesses just can’t afford that kind of expense.  That’s why we’ve worked hard to automate what we can while maintaining our high quality standards.

For a limited time, you can get Key Phrase Research Report  for only $295.
Call or email today to get yours.

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